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"New York's Preferred Daylight Studio!"

259 West 30th Street - 16th Floor - New York City, New York 10001

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In-house Equipment

Eagles Nest Studio is New York City's preferred digital camera rental, computers, monitors, Apple, Cannon, Nikon, photo lighting equipment rental and photographic rental supplies in mid town Manhattan.

You are always welcome to bring in your own equipment, and if you plan to rent equipment from an outside vendor, we ask that you let Eagles Nest order it for you.

We have two (2) studios on one floor, so the coordination and choreography of messengers can get hectic. To simplify this process, we ask that you allow us to order all your rental equipment for you. If you have a preferred vendor, we will order from them.

We make it easier for you! Simply email your equipment order to, "Equipment Order" and we do all of the rest. Your worries are over. Just Email your request and Eagles Nest does the rest!

Eagles Nest "in-house" equipment list available for daily rental:

  • 6 - 2400 w/s Profoto Acute power packs
  • 12 - Profoto Acute strobe heads
  • 4 - 1000 w/s Dynalight power packs - 6 Dynalight heads
  • 2 - large chimera soft boxes
  • 2 - medium chimera soft boxes
  • 2 - small chimera soft boxes
  • 1 - medium chimera strip light soft box
  • 3 - rolling stands, bogan boom, umbrellas, light stands, grid spots
  • 1 - posing table
  • 2 - 22" beauty dishes, with sox and grid (Profoto only)
  • 1 - ring flash
  • 1 - 12' X 12' silk

Call: 1.212.736.6221
Fax: 1.212.736.0084

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